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Blairmore Pier was built in 1855 by Campbell of Monzie at a cost of £300. Its main purpose was encouraging economic development along the North of the shore, including the transport of livestock, goods and people.

The pier welcomed steamers around the Holy Loch as well as Lochgoil and Arrochar, which connected passengers to Loch Lomond. In addition to tourists, Drovers used the pier to transport their cattle to the Falkirk Trysts (cattle markets).

Blairmore Pier

During the summer months Blairmore Pier can be seen welcoming the famous ‘Waverley’ paddle steamer. The Waverley was built in 1946 by A&J Inglis in Glasgow. It was often seen visiting Blairmore Pier as part of its cruise along Loch Long to Arrochar and Loch Goil.

After closing in 1976 the pier fell into steady disrepair. After being rescued by a local resident the pier was reopened in time to celebrate its 150th
anniversary, coupled with a visit from the Waverley.

Paddle steamer ‘Caledonia’ at Blairmore Pier.

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